Responsible Travel

At Activus Outdoors we’re passionate about the countries we visit and are committed to operating in a responsible manner. We recognise that the destinations we visit are affected by our trips, so we ensure they are designed and operated responsibly, maximising the positive effects of tourism. We believe tourism can help rural communities by providing much needed employment and give powerful economic reasons to preserve shrinking natural environments.

We use local people and companies wherever possible to ensure that the income generated from our trips benefits the local economy. We offer small group travel to ensure our clients have a genuine experience as well as ensuring that our impact on the local environment is kept to a minimum. We believe that this type of small group, positive impact tourism can bring benefits to many communities and help preserve the environments we travel to see.

Carbon Offsetting

Each of our everyday actions consumes energy and produces carbon dioxide emissions e.g. taking holiday flights, driving our cars, heating or cooling our homes and offices. Carbon Offsets can be used to compensate for the emissions produced by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving somewhere else.

At Activus Outdoors we offer you the opportunity to offset the carbon dioxide emitted from the travel during your activity on our UK based operations.  Our offsetting is done through