Tourism & Conservation

Activus Outdoors is a supporting member of Nurture Lakeland (formerly The Tourism and Conservation Partnership) a leading conservation fundraising charity in the idyllic English Lake District. The charity’s mission is ‘to inspire businesses and individuals to contribute to the conservation and enhancement of the Lake District and Cumbria, for current and for future generations’.

Nurture Lakeland does this by:

  • Involving local people, businesses and visitors in taking action to sustain the environment and enhance local communities
  • Emphasizing the value of each individual’s efforts and contribution
  • Raising awareness of the impacts of Climate Change to those involved in tourism and recreation in the Lake District and Cumbria
  • Providing solutions to the negative impacts of tourism
  • Influencing policy on the environmental impacts of tourism
  • Fundraising for projects that enhance the local environment
  • Working to ensure that the economic and recreational demands of tourism do not harm the environment

If you are a visitor to this beautiful part of the world and would like to give something back to the superb landscapes you can donate by clicking here or become an Individual Member of Nurture Lakeland and look after the Lake District forever, join by clicking here.

Your donation will help support crucial conservation work that helps keep the Lake District looking truly amazing.

Key projects include:

  • Fix the Fells – maintaining and enhancing our upland footpaths in order to look after our precious environment
  • Save our Squirrels – protecting our rare native squirrel species
  • Lake District Osprey Project – safeguarding the fascinating pair of nesting Ospreys at Dodd Wood
  • Miles without Stiles – improving rural access for everyone to enjoy
  • Flora of the Fells – connecting people with places through environmental education

For more information about the work done at Nurture Lakeland visit