Activus Team

Tony Holliday is renowned for his meticulous planning and organizational skills and is involved hands-on in all aspects of our operations. A highly resourceful and determined character, Tony is an expert logistics man detailed with the responsibility for operational support and task management. He has also travelled extensively throughout Europe and North America and has trekking and mountain walking experience in the Lake District, Scottish Highlands, Dolomites, Slovenia, Canada and North West USA.

John Wady has worked as an outdoor instructor since 1997 in many different locations from thesouth of France up to Iceland, with a particular personal passion for sea cliff rock climbing. John is a hands-on instructor who has worked with a wide range of groups, including blind, deaf, and physically or mentally impaired groups in a mountain environment. His qualifications include SPA climbing and Mountain Leader award and he has experience of ice climbing in the French Alps and Iceland.

Klemen Volontar is a highly experienced mountaineer and runs our operations in Slovenia. Klemen has been a member of his country's Mountain Rescue Association since 1984 and is an experienced rescue dog handler and avalanche specialist. He was also a member of one of the first expeditions on Lofoten island - Norway (1980) and has visited the mountains of Hoggar (Ahagar) in Algerian desert (1983), East Germany and the Czech Republic (1984). He also has extensive experience in the Alps and guided an expedition to Aconcaqua (1995) and has guided in Nepal every year since 2000.

Sue Dunford has worked in the outdoor industry since 1996 and is a professional ski instructor. She has worked in the Dolomites, Canada and Sierra Nevada and is very hands-on and versatile equally at home organising skiing or snowshoeing activities as well as working as a walking/via ferrata guide. Sue is based in the Dolomites and her local knowledge of this region is an invaluable resource.