Bear Tracking - Incentive Programme

5 Days

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A rewarding 5 day trip for a job well done

Photo hunting the biggest wild animal in Slovenia. Slovene forests carefully look after their secrets. Would you like to be part of it?

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An adventure that has no equal. Rather than an explosion of activity with tasks and events following each other in rapid succession, this activity is more about the cooperation of a small group under the leadership of an experienced mentor.

In the unspoilt environment of the forests of the Notranjska region of Slovenia, over the course of five days of waiting for and observing bears in their natural habitat, we will take part in activities necessary to ensure an encounter with our furry friends.

We will set photo-traps, participate in a brief wildlife photography course, follow the bears with the help of telemetry and observe them from safe and comfortable hides located near feeding stations. We will get to know their habitat and visit an uninhabited bear's den. Other options include an all-night bear-watching session during which we can also observe other forest creatures. Following a bear is a unique experience and, although this applies very rarely, it is important to realise that there is no guarantee that our observations and tracking will be successful.

General information about the programme:

Recommended number of participants
: 5–8
Location: area around Loški Potok
Duration of the programme: 5 days
Dates: 15 April to 1 July and 1 August to 15 October
Programme focus: high motivation of employees
Recommended for the best: project groups and other working groups, management personnel, business groups, management teams, development divisions, marketing departments, sales departments, employees, IT departments

What will the programmes help develop?
  • a positive climate and high motivation of employees,
  • development of basic team-leading, personal initiative and cooperation,
  • creativity and the possibility of development and adapting to changes,
  • team strategy,
  • personal satisfaction, fun and humour.


Day 1

Arrive in Slovenia and transfer to your accommodation. Indulge in a delicious evening meal of local cuisine and get a briefing for the days ahead.

Day 2

Go on a short wildlife photography course to learn about the ways of filming these secretive beasts. Set a photo-trap to try and catch a glimpse of a bear at night.

Day 3

Visit an uninhabited bear's den and look for clues that there are bears in the area by silently navigating the deep forests and picking up trails...

Day 4

Spend a whole night bear watching and see what other animals can be spotted too.

Day 5

After breakfast and a re-cap on the last few days set off back to the airport for your flight home.

Not Included

  • Flights


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Suitable for...

Project groups, management personnel, business groups, management teams, development divisions, marketing departments, sales departments, employees, IT departments

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